Two Poems: "Winter Messenger" and "Will we always be like this"

Liang Xinyu

Winter Messenger
Kiss the cloud goodbye
Wave farewell to the sky
You come to the world
With your light step.
You are the messenger of the winter
You are the symbol of ardor
You lean over the field,
Protect the wheat from the cold.
The sun paints your outline.
Dear Miss snowflake,
Why do you cry so hard?
The spring breeze kissing the wheat gently
But you disappear
So quietly.
There is only your tears
Also your tenderness
Turn into the sweetness
Feeds the earth,
Foster a new spring
With silence……
Will we always be like this

Will we always be like this
What about the glaciers?
They‘re disappearing now.
What about polar bears?
They‘re losing their homeland.
Overlook from the shore
The waves roar more.
Will we be the second Atlantis?
Be trapped at the bottom of the sea.
Will we always be like this?
Be killed by ourselves.
What about the fertile land?
They‘re becoming desert.
What about the growing plants?
Their tears are becoming fertilizer.
Overlook from the rock
Locusts overran the prairie more.
Will we be the next desert?
The tears become the last drop of water.
Will we always be like this?
Be killed by ourselves.
Will we always be like this?
Be killed by ourselves.

Liang Xinyu, a 15-year-old girl, studies at the Dalian Yuming Senior High School, China. Her works are published in 《少年诗刊》(China)、《少年文艺》(China), press pause and the Battering Ram. She has been chosen as one of two runners-up in the Charles Simic tribute poetry contest and has won the National Excellence Award in Lu Xun Youth Literature Award. Her essay has been shortlisted for the Theology category in the 2023 JohnLocke global essay competition.

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