Three Poems: "The Symphony of Silence," "The Whispers of the Wind," and "The Dance of Autumn Leaves" [INDIA]

Ayesha Idrishi

The Symphony of Silence

The world is loud, but silence speaks In the spaces where sound cannot reach The stillness holds a symphony Of secrets whispered silently.
It echoes through the empty halls Of ancient ruins and empty malls In the quiet of a winter night It fills the gaps with soundless light.
The rustle of leaves, a gentle breeze The quiet hum of honeybees The beating of a lover's heart The silence sings, a work of art.
It speaks of love, it speaks of pain Of all that's lost and all that's gained It speaks of hope, it speaks of fear The symphony of silence, oh so clear.
So listen close, and you will hear The music of the quiet sphere Embrace the stillness, let it be And hear the song of eternity.

The Whispers of the Wind
The whispers of the wind, a tale to tell Of stories lost, and memories held In the rustling of the autumn leaves The wind whispers secrets, weaved with ease
It speaks of love, and heartbreak too Of all that's lost, and all that's new It sings a song of life and death As the whispers of the wind take breath
The music of the howling gale A sound that makes the heart prevail For in the whispers of the wind There is a message to be gleaned
So listen closely to the breeze And hear the whispers of the trees For in the secrets of the wind We find the strength to begin again.

The Dance of Autumn Leaves
The dance of autumn leaves, a waltz so fine As they pirouette down the branchy line In hues of gold, and red, and amber glow A final flourish before the winter snow
The music of the rustling leaves Whispers secrets on the breeze Of love that's lost, and love that's found The dance of autumn leaves astounds
As they twirl and spin in the crisp fall air A final tribute to a life so fair For even in death, they hold a grace A beauty in their final resting place
So let the dance of autumn leaves Remind us of the life we grieve That even in our final breaths We can dance with joy, with no regrets.
Ayesha Idrishi is thirteen years old and from Aurangabad in the state of Bihar, India.

"Maple Leaves Before the Wind Blew them Into My Neighbors Yard" by fireboat895 is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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