Three Poems: "The Magic of Water," "Insecure-ties," and "The Best Part" [INDIA]

Devika Modi

The Magic of Water
Rain drops, fall like a heavy cosco ball on the black path laid down for it, it seems like
They bounce back, spreading water all around, and rhetorically they look alike 
Its picture looks as worthy as the photo
That's hung in the living room or the drawing room of a house
I look out the window of my car
Hoping for the blur to clear out, to get a clear view
But the window's drenched with drops 
Drops of water racing after one another, their color not so blue 
They look like hundreds of little kids
Playing gleefully without a worry about the world 
They fall to the ground bit by bit, from the glass screen
And the others following them down, so they don't lose a friend
The air has become different
Than what it was a few minutes ago
There's some sort of magic in the air
Which hadn't existed a few minutes ago.

You're so busy trying to fit in
Trying to be likable enough for them
That you don't realize that it's been
A hell of life, too condemned
You're busy finding comfort in their words
When they're busy eating theirs
Out of a hundred it's approx. two-thirds
Who only pretend to care
Yet you're busy in seeking out the world
You crave their approval
Remember how in circles you swirled?
Waiting anxiously for your insecurities to get a temporary removal?
You're too busy living for others
Forgetting you've got a life of your own
You've got sisters and brothers
And people you can call your own
Still you're here, showing your cowardice
Giving up on everything 
Just because it's not going nice
You deserve more and so does your heart sure thing
It's got a strong will to it, like you know it does
Your life's taking a turn and fun's going to begin
Believe me life's a lot easier than a math quiz
It's not just you in this alone I swear 
And I assure you that being alone is not a sin
So fight this feeling of dependence if you dare
And just focus on your magic that lies within

The Best Part
You heard all the things you wanted to hear 
About what I was doing or who I was near
You knew I was in love with you
Which you heard from God knows who
Yet you pretended that you didn't know
So I chose to go with the flow
I went on and on about my day
Talked to you in possibly the most normal way
I never showed any signs of the feelings I had 
In front of you, a real role-play
I must say, you sure have a heard a lot 
But sadly enough, you missed the best part
You haven't heard me talking like a kid about you
Or while talking to you, noticed the sparkle in my eyes 
You haven't seen what it has come to
From a silly crush to a version that I have so glamorized
You failed to realize the reason to this smile on my face
You kept asking me although it was just truly your grace
And you'll never know how much of you I loved 
Because like I said, you missed the best part

Beaches, ice-creams, flowers and the moon are probably what describe Devika Modi (she/her) the best. She’s 16 and she lives in Delhi, India. She's passionate about dance, reading novels, and most of all, writing her soul out. Ever since she started writing at the age of 11, she's indulged herself into this world and has gone on to getting stories published in two anthologies 'the molten gold' and 'beyond pinks and blues.' She considers her family and close friends to be her strongest support system and she loves them dearly. She loves her school just as much because there's just so much to learn. She’s loves Chinese snacks, mostly spring rolls, and dahi puri, which she first tasted on being forced by her friends. Her friends describe her as a fun loving girl who might go just a little crazy at every flower shop she sees on the corner of a road.

"rain on the window" by Ben Mortimer Photography is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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