Three Poems: "Pique-Inside Out," "They Cry of a Mother," and "Lose Water, Lose Yourself" [INDIA]

Ananya Ahuja
Pique-Inside Out
An emotion--to some, very known
Feeling which one likes to be alone
They have to watch their tone,
For it is like a cyclone
To control it is of great importance
For it may destroy us and lower our performance
Many conceal it, with a twisted smile
It is an emotion, very wild
It is like the fire, very hot
And can be dreadful, if not kept in a pot
It loses effect if used too much
But is an asset if not used as such
Keep it hidden, keep it low
Please, Do not let it show
Value it for it is a weapon
That may be expressed with a beckon
They Cry of a Mother
I have been bearing a weight since I was born
Taking care of my little worms
My little children are now predators and prey
And now humans have joined the fray
I care for them, but they don't for me
But why do humans have to be so mean
Seems this love has become one-sided
And humans have become so destructive-minded
All they do is hurt me back
But why do they have to make me so mad
I give them food, I give them land to live
All they give me is a hell to die
They are killing my children mercilessly
So why must I let this happen quietly?
I hope it is not so late
That humans no longer have a fate
I pray that they stop such behavior
Or it will be time for them to lose their savior
Lose Water, Lose Yourself
Water is important for our survival
Let us now work on its revival
We've been doing nothing but wasting it for centuries
We should know that water is no longer complimentary
If this goes on, it will one day be on sale
And without it, we will all be pale
Every disease will cause an epidemic
And water might become endemic
If you don't want this to happen
You better become your ship's own captain
Guide it through these turbulent times
So that you can drink fresh water in upcoming times
Start conserving water now
If you want to live somehow
Let's join hands to make sure all this doesn't happen
And to make this earth a place that will never blacken
Ananya Ahuja is a 9th grader and a novice poet who has recently taken an interest in poetry. She writes what she truly feels needs to be corrected in oneself; to develop a better society. As a former national skater, she likes to keep herself active while continuing her studies.
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