The Dark Beam

Avril Villar
I like writing in the dark
No one will know
No one can see my sorrow
Just alone, starring at my own show
I keep it dark, keep it low
Keep it mysterious, no one has to know
The twisted roots of tall trees continuously grow
It’s found in the missing forest
No daylight, no breakthrough, no rest
Pure hollow is what this place manifest
Everything I wrote with my red-blooded ink is in my hidden desk
Avril Shakira Villar is a poet from Philippines. She found her passion in writing when she
was nine years old and she used to keep her words on her own while still
learning the magical power of her pen and paper. Writing in silence is her hobby and
everything that she writes is related to what is happening around her surroundings. She
is a storyteller and she adds rhythm in her poetry. That is where she also found her
interest in singing, and she started to write songs too. She believes that writing change
her perspective in life.
"Beech-tree roots at Avebury" by Stefan Czapski is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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