Stargazing Love

Claudia Wysocky

Love is a fissure in the universe;
It eats at the fabric that holds the parts
In any form together. It shatters them in two.

It is a Peculiar Sin, what destroys.
The love said to be true is found in our own fear of ourselves,
Which uses us up and empties out our worlds. Things are not at all
how they appear,
and where were we before we were?
Love and Death—a pair of strange and dazzling lights.

Though we have split, none but my eyes see it—
For if we once were one, must each be dead.
An unparalleled, brand-new chemistry that
reaches out from the night and clings upon me, And as
long as I am here, I feel it say—
Return to me. Return to me.

I am not entirely, yet consumed by you.
I have survived you, have escaped you—


Claudia Wysocky, a 15-year-old Polish poet and novelist based now in New York, is known for her ability to capture the beauty of life through rich descriptions in her writing. She firmly believes that art has the potential to inspire positive change. With over five years of experience in fiction writing, Claudia has had her poems published in local newspapers and magazines. For her, writing is an endless journey and a powerful source of motivation.

"Kaleidoscope II / Starry Sky" by Jan Beckendorf is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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