Mia Relidzh
With every step, we leave behind
The chains that once controlled our mind,
We rise up strong, with spirits freed,
To make a life that is meant to be.
Our souls afire, our hearts alight,
We pave a way that's new and bright,
And as we build a future life,
We know that we will see it thrive.
But strength is not just in our minds,
It's in our will to do things right,
To stand for justice, peace and love,
Create a place that feels like home.
So let us rise, with hearts so pure,
And build a future that's secure,
A world of freedom, light and care,
Where happiness will last forever.
Life always calls you on the road
Far away from the places that you know,
Accept the challenge, leave old life behind,
Who knows what you're about to find.
Don't forget, wherever the road leads,
Explore the world and chase your dreams,
You have one life, don't let it cease,
Let the adventure take away your breath!
But as the road calls you far and wide,
Sometimes you'll search for a place to hide,
Remember, if you need to feel safe and true,
No matter how far you are, I'll be there too.
Alice Peremitchyk, also known as Mia Relidzh (pseudonym) is a 15-year-old writer from Kyiv, Ukraine. She was selected as the winner of the children's literary competition "Perodactyl" in 2018. Later she was included in the hundred most talented children of Ukraine, according to the criteria of the "Literature future" festival. Besides writing, Alice has many hobbies, such as astronomy, astrophysics, music and design. She is interested in various philosophies and likes to look at life through the prism of metaphors. In her work, this girl shows her emotional state, and according to her, poetry helps to cope with feelings and express them. Alice is currently working on a detective story, which is going to be published in autumn. The girl is very fond of the murder mystery genre, so her upcoming book will contain unexpected plot twists, eccentric characters and creepy secrets.

"bigstock-a-chain-with-a-broken-rusted--37045324" by aqua.mech is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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