Silent Verse

Avril Villar
In the hushed whispers of the bustling street,
Amidst the clamor, a secret melody discreetly beat,
A symphony of silence, concealed from the crowd,
Where stories unfolded, voiceless yet profound.
I witnessed a parade of souls, in motion they swayed,
From one street to another, their tales displayed,
In the shadow of secrets, not too distant to perceive,
The enigmatic dance of life, I yearned to believe.
Rides darted by, each at its own unique pace,
A reflection of humanity & diverse race,
The sluggish, the steady, and those in rapid flight,
Each with their reasons, their truths, their plight.
Yet the traffic lights, like sentinels, held command,
In their colors, a message for all to understand,
When green emerged, the journey could commence,
Under the red’s gaze, patience was our defense.
The amber glow asked us to pause, reflect, and weigh,
The choices we made in the course of our day,
So, in this urban sonnet, let’s remember and see,
The poetry in the streets, where we all wander free.
Avril Shakira Villar, a 16-year-old writer hailing from the Philippines and an active mentee of WriteGirl LA, has made a notable impact in the literary world. Her song 'That Night' was featured in WriteGirl Issue 3 Lines & Breaks, and 'The Dark Beam' earned semi-finalist status in Under the Madness Magazine, later published in issue 5. Additionally, her work 'Journey of Becoming' found a home in The Malu Zine Issue 5. Avril's love for poetry shines through her participation in various competitions, where she consistently showcases her talent.

"Bourbon Street Between Bienville and Conti, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana 3" by Ken Lund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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