Rainy Thoughts

Mariapaz Collazos Casas

Life is a continuous cycle;
just wake up to survive,
repeating it in a spiral.
Waiting to get a title,
recognition for the unknown,
keep on living with denial.
Act like a disciple,
act like your life matters,
act like you are vital.
Life is a continuous cycle;
just wake up to survive,
repeating till you go suicidal.
Waiting to get a title,
for recognition you don’t deserve,
for a chance to prove your arrival.
Act like an Idol;
act like you made a difference,
act as if nothing was idle

Mariapaz Collazos Casas is a 15-year-old born in Bogóta, Colombia. She is a sophomore at Khan World School, an online mastery-based school, with a Levitt scholarship. She is a reading and writing enthusiast, spending much of her time with a book in hand. Mariapaz came up with this poem on one of those cloudy, rainy days, those days that compel you to just look out the window and watch the drops of water on the glass panel. The inspiration behind "Rainy Thoughts" is the belief that life is meaningless, and no matter what we do nothing matters in the end, and it is that belief that drives people crazy. No matter how meaningless our life may be, we should still live it.

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