Polarization is One of Humanity's Greatest Curses BRAZILIAN AUTHOR

LF Ender
Political polarization is extremely present where I live. My hands sweat, my mind speeds up to exorbitant levels and fatigue takes me over; fatigue of the mind and soul. Seeing people kill each other over politics is surreal. Hatred has overcome most other feelings. Add to that a colossal dose of intolerance, contempt, and FEAR.
This whole situation leaves the country's population more and more disunited, by more and more hatred, insecurity, fear, and anxiety. I always try to do what is right, I know that I am not perfect and never will be, and that I will still do a lot of shit, but I will always try to do the right thing and never abandon my principles. I will keep fighting for a more just world, my sense of justice is strong, although sometimes reality is too heavy. Even so, the fight goes on in the ring of life. Sometimes we'll lose, and sometimes we'll win. To be alive, means you have an obligation to keep fighting.
Polarization is one of the greatest curses of humanity, as Denis Diderot, the philosopher who wrote the Encyclopedia, once said: "From fanaticism to barbarism is only one step."

I am LF Ender, 19 years old, a humble writer from Minas Gerais, Brazil, who seeks through literature to find a better world to live in. I was angry in face of all of the injustices and absurdities happening in the world. I decided to react. Before, I could hear about them and "ignore" all that. But the first step to revolution is EVOLUTION. I wanted change, but I was afraid, apprehensive, insecure. And now, with every day that passes, my confidence grows and with it, my desire to fight. I will continue to fight for a better world, even if I'm knocked down by it several times. LET'S KEEP FIGHTING! Image provided by author.

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