Note from the Editors

Rebecca Colby and Sophie Rose Riopel
The staff at Under the Madness Magazine is excited to announce the debut of our third issue. As always, we are proud to publish the awe-inspiring work of young authors—some of whom have never been published before! In this issue, we share work from teen writers residing in places including Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, Washington and Singapore. As fitting our mission to publish work from across the globe, Issue 3 features a very special half-issue dedicated to Brazil's young writers.
Promoting youth voices and perspectives, especially when it comes to poetry and prose, is our greatest endeavor. One that our staff believes we have accomplished over these past several issues, and one we will continuously strive to do. 
We are honored to receive and publish work from other countries. In the spring and over the summer of 2022, the editors at Under the Madness had the unique opportunity to meet on Zoom with Alexandra Joy Forman, the founding director and president of Urca Institute—a non-profit institution that works in the Guanabara Bay region, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, on a project called Água!nabara: Território Urca. Their initiatives contribute to human and territorial development, through the rescue of memory and preservation of cultural heritage and the environment. 
Through Alex Forman’s guidance on the ground in Brazil, we were able to connect with the ten young, enthusiastic writers, whose poems, essays, and stories appear in Issue 3. Many of the Brazilian authors also contributed artwork to this issue. As part of this special half-issue, we've included an interview between Alex Forman and the ten young authors, with questions designed by magazine interns Grace Denney and Tessa Millette, giving readers an exceptional look at who these authors are, where they are from, and their important narratives. Each week, we will post a new interview featuring one of the ten Brazilian writers. You can find the weekly installments of this interview in the blog section of the magazine. For teen editors and writers alike, this is an extremely special opportunity for all of us to connect, and we are so excited to share this powerful writing and the stories told with teen readers around the world.
We look forward to working more with Alex Forman and young writers in Brazil–as well as teen writers from across the globe– to continue an exchange of our experiences through writing while we grow up “under the world’s madness.” If you're reading this magazine from outside the United States and want to collaborate with us, get in touch. We'd love to talk with you about possible future ventures.
At Under the Madness, we are grateful for the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation as well as Salem State University for the amazing support that makes our work possible.
Sending best holiday wishes to all of the writers who submitted to our magazine and to our sponsors and readers. 
Rebecca Colby and Sophie-Rose Riopel, Managing Editors

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