Note from the Editor of the Special Section on Indian Authors (Ages 13-15)

Dear readers,
Under The Madness Magazine is devoted to representing the voices of developing authors from all over the world. With Issue 5, we're spotlighting our youngest teen authors, ages 13-15--writers who type their stories, poems, and creative nonfiction in countries including Austria, China, Colombia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the United States--with a special section featuring eight gifted writers from India. The work by the Indian authors ranges from powerful poetry about nature and Earth to reflections and observations about becoming older. Contained within is a diverse collection of the experiences of modern Indian youth.
In publishing this special section highlighting young writers from India, we hope to bring you literature that's perhaps different from what you regularly consume. The importance of writing cannot be understated — capturing one’s thoughts and emotions is essential. This is especially true in today's world, where young people can often feel scared and confused and need a place to express their many feelings. It’s always a powerful experience to read work from those who experience life from a different country, province, state, county, or region from us on the globe — to appreciate our many similarities and differences. We hope the poems and story in this special edition are no exception!
The pieces you will find in this issue express a broad range of emotion and contain meaningful themes, such as the cruelty of people and the love found in kindness. Nigerian author Yahaya Jamila writes, "Tonight we lost the world. / And tell mother that we might just grow into lost things." Indian author Devika Modi observes, " Rain drops fall like a heavy cosco ball on the black path... They bounce back, spreading water all around, and rhetorically they look alike." Devika later adds, "It's my pesonalized heaven / That has been coming in lately / Sometimes, a bit too often." Ahja Hawkins, winner of our recent flash creative nonfiction contests, resolves, "I will pick myself up and carry myself the same as I did before. Because that is what a Bristlecone Pine would do."
The young authors who made this section possible are all incredibly gifted, and as the writer and philosopher Ayn Rand once said, "Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.” You are officially invited to peer into the creative minds of these talented teenagers and read their wonderful pieces. Enjoy!
Zunaira Gilani
Special Section Editor

Many thanks to the editors of our Issue 5 special section: Rieth Breed and Zunaira Gilani! Their dedicated effort during the summer and early fall helped make this special section come into existence.



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