my wild experience [UKRAINIAN AUTHOR]

Nadia Marchenko


my wild experience

It was a fine winter day. I had just finished my school lessons. My mom and I decided to take a walk in the forest. We walked and talked about all the wonders of the world. The path became wilder and wilder, changing from a pavemented road into a nice gravel pathway. We stopped near a hill that wasn’t really overgrown. I felt drawn to the hill, so we went up it.There was nothing out of the ordinary, just some sporadic trees. On the other side of the hill stretched a fence. We stood next to it talking and then turned back.
Suddenly, I saw something moving. It looked like a baby bear, and I was horrified. I told my mom, and we stopped, stood frozen.
It wasn’t a bear… it was a wild boar. After it passed along the path, we slowly walked forward but froze again. Following the first boar were around ten other baby boars.
Luckily, the boars didn’t see us, and as soon as they passed by, we ran back on to the road. After that we didn’t see the boars again.
It was a nice day out. I decided to take my family out for a walk. We usually didn’t walk this path since we could run into humans. Being bored and all. As the leader of the family, I went first and my wife and kids followed. We stepped onto a nice hill. While I was passing a clearing on the top, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It was two trees or maybe they were people or maybe trees hiding behind people. I didn’t really stop to look. After I moved farther away, I counted my kids. All of them were present, so it couldn't have been humans, because if they were humans, they would have taken my children. We all arrived home safely, though the incident was bothering me, and the next day I returned to the clearing alone to investigate.The trees were gone…
So they were human. It was scary but I’m glad my family was okay. And I never saw such a group again.

Nadia Marchenko is fourteen years old. Nadia likes to write, paint and listen to music.
"New Forest Landscape" by davidgsteadman is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.
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