Josiah Sati
Now that you have decided To be a man of your own To be the father of your home And the king on your throne I wish you well.
You came to me like a friend Under the guise of my interest I felt a love that was real And chose you over the rest.
You began to wield control Desiring more than my soul Though I tried to restrain you You refused to be moved.
Loins of beef and chicken thighs Garnished steak and a happy roast Ribs so prime with a glass of wine Licking and dripping, you craved them all.
People see you and call me plump Others see you and call me don Cos you stretched farther than the sun With empty promises and deceitful tongue.
Take all your glory, take all your guile Take your lies, give me back my smile It may take a while, but I’ll clock the mile And when I see you coming, I’ll start running.
Sáti Josiah is an eighteen-year old writer from Nigeria, a native of Jaba in Kaduna state. He started his elementary formation at Command Day Secondary School Ojoo Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria where he obtain his O level result. He later gained admission to study Philosophy at the prestigious University of Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria. Josiah is a lover of wisdom, good music, loves traveling, making friends and hiking. He's ambition is to explore life and make life out of poetry.

"Meat market, Fred Meyer, store display, 'Save Every Day' signs, food prices, Lake City Way, Seattle, Washington, USA" by Wonderlane is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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