Two Poems: "My life during isolation" and "What do I do?" [INDIA]

Unnathi Goradhindla

My life during isolation
An isolated was tough
But I became a little buff
It was quite lonely
I thought it was a bunch of baloney
But then I realized this was the time
Life gave me lime
I learnt to make lime into lemonade
Or I wouldn’t have the skills I made
It was like a three ring circus
Where I had to walk on the rope with all the ruckus
Even though there are things that I messed up
I learnt to never give up

What do I do?
All of a sudden I am in grade nine
Feels like just yesterday I was playing with friends of mine
Now we say we drifted apart
Guess that is time’s part
Have to make so many decisions
Which is harder than most secret missions
Can’t afford to choose the wrong one
Because by the time I realize my chance will be gone
So many things I need to do for my future
Because everyone says this is the time I must nurture
Nurture the present so much so that I forget to enjoy
Because my future is more important than my now joy
But I know my family has my back
Even when I fail, they will not let me crack
Under the pressure I put on myself
Now is the time one must push oneself

Unnathi Goradhindla is an ambitious 14-year-old living in Karnataka, India, who aspires to be a neurosurgeon. She picked up an interest in poetry during the COVID-19 pandemic. To escape the boredom of solitude, she wrote poems about her perspective on various topics. She takes active part in her school’s editorial team, which writes about the innovative events conducted by her school. She is fond of cooking and baking during her leisure time. She enjoys participating in debates and extempore.

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