Memories and Intensity BRAZILIAN AUTHOR

Morganna Lôbo
In 2015, the year I turned sixteen, I fell in love twelve times. Or anyways I desired so intensely that I called all that love. I must confess: none of those loves lasted.
I wanted a teen romance so intensely: to travel without adults, to hang out in the mall, to meet the parents . . . I've always had very strong angst about being alive and feeling ecstatic and I wanted an ally to do this.
Despite so many people who danced on my heart, nothing ever made it beat as hard as the arts did. I made the most of this intense love: recited poems on the bus, I sang at the Farol da Barra …
My madness danced with me and went traipsing in my artistic expressions. Writing, for me, always was the easiest way to put myself in the world.
So, I accepted it: I accepted the madness of life and made it an ally for my writing. Things still escape my planning: and maybe I still desire an adolescent love.

Morganna Lôbo is 23 years old and lives in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. She is an Arts and Theatre teacher. She graduated in Portuguese Literature and is studying for her certificate of Theatre. She has been writing ever since she can remember. She published the book “no caos da minha mente” (in the chaos of my mind) and has had poems published in various anthologies in Brazil. She won the "favela revela" (the favela revels) Prize and 3rd place in the "Literatodxs" (Literature for Absolutely Everyone, inclusivity) Prize. She lectures at schools talking about Literature and its relevance. She also works with performance and theater and believes in the importance of the Arts to change the world and to know oneself. "Salvador, Bahai": Image provided by author.
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