Lost Lenses and Suits

Jingyu Song
Jingyu Song is a seventeen-year-old attending school in Exeter, New Hampshire. She is from Qingdao, China, a beautiful city on the northeastern coast. Her favorite element of Qingdao is its distinct color palette: red tiles, green trees, the cerulean ocean, and baby blue sky. Her favorite thing to do at home is taking a long walk along the beach while wearing her “Saltwater heals me” sweatshirt. Jingyu’s second favorite place is the biology laboratory, not of a particular place, for it is the lab setting that attracts her. Surrounded by rows of pipettes, bottles of reagents, and PCR tubes, Jingyu feels truly at ease and ready to tackle a complex research project. She aspires to become a neuroscientist focusing on neurodegenerative disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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