Two Poems: "Lost" and "Do You Think About Me"

Tair Routtenberg

A map, discarded.
A bag of food, soaked from the river.
A small fire, and a shivering young woman.
Three short clicks
Three long clicks
Three short clicks.
A radio, barely alive,
Like a fish fluttering between water and land.
“Please work”, she whispers.
Three short clicks
Three long clicks
Three short clicks.
“Please, someone hear me.”
One girl,
One forest,
And 37 bears.
Do You Think About Me

“Oh hey”, he smiles blankly,
“Are you new here?”
“I’ve been in this town since 2nd grade.”
“Oh”, he frowns slightly,
“I guess I’ve never noticed you before.”
His blond hair glitters in the sun,
Reflecting all the different shades.
How many hours have I stared at this hair?
I notice you every day.
I think about you when I’m going to bed,
Brushing my teeth,
Of your full teeth smile,
The way you play with your necklace when you’re nervous.
You silently crying when the dog died
In the movie they showed us in English.
I used to wonder
If you ever though about me.
Well, now I know the answer.
No. You don’t.

Tair Routtenberg is fourteen and writes in Princeton, New Jersey.

"Radio" by Otra vez me hice Mujer is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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