Look for bugs in your program and try again.

Ethan Quach

final String home = “Malden”;

String destination = “Middleton”;

System.out.println(“The distance between “ + home + “ and “ + destination + “ is only...”);

if (distance == “nine letters”) {

      return false;

else if (distance == “14.7 miles”) {

            return false;


else if (distance == “too far”) {

            return true;


while (age > 7) {





              if (asianStudent.visible == true) {



                           thinkAboutGrowingUp(!alone, !destination);



System.out.println(“Would you like to change ‘home’ to ‘Middleton’”?);


myBrain.java: error: cannot assign a value to final variable home

[EXCEPTION] We couldn't compile your program. Look for bugs in your program and try


Ethan Quach is a Vietnamese-American poet from Middleton, Massachusetts, who works to uncover his multifaceted identity along with his relationships with people and the world through the rich medium of poetry. He often writes about his experiences about moving from a diverse city to a predominantly white town at age 7 and how he has developed a sense of cultural homesickness and romantic ideas of what could have been had things not changed. With poetry, he attempts to explore these bittersweet ideas in a manner that he hopes will help reconnect him to his roots. Now, at age 18, he will be attending Boston University in the fall as a computer science major with a passion for poetry.

"Binary code" by Christiaan Colen is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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