In the Hazy Mist, My Life Disappears

Téa Florencio
My life goes by in the unconscious passage of time.
Like walking blindly through a dark tunnel,
each foot propelling the other unknowingly forward.
With each blurred step,
vague in my memory,
like a shadow from a dream,
the fear that haunts me
is the blink of an eye.
That 10 years have passed,
wandering blindly through the dark.
That 30 have sailed away,
in an unworldly muddled blur.
That 50 have escaped me,
trudging through oblivion.
That years went by in an afternoon.
And I kept walking just to walk,
and at the very end, there was nothing.

Téa Florencio is a fifteen-year-old girl from the suburbs of New Jersey who loves nothing more than to write in her spare moments. She writes everything from poetry to realistic fiction, to fantasy. She attends a law academy, as she has a profound interest in law, philosophy, and history. She loves reading fiction by the fireside, taking long walks in nearby parks with her two dogs, painting during summer afternoons, and cooking in the evenings. "In the Hazy Mist, My Life Disappears" was inspired by the meaninglessness of a mundane life. In a world of strict routine, all-consuming technology, and endless work, life feels more like inescapable drudgery, than an exploration of oneself filled with excitement. This poem is as nihilistic as it is cautionary, warning readers to live their passions to the fullest, lest their lives slip by in a blur of obligations.

"'The secret o' life is enjoying the passage of time…'" by Cate Storymoon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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