Cadence Law

I.     I stop and tilt my head up at the sky every time it rains. Just to feel the water land on
       my face, reminding me that I'm alive. What does this say about me?
               a)    I dream of running away to the mountains and treating farm animals like
                      family, never stepping my bare feet back into our hate-filled society.
               b)    I feel all my emotions so passionately, letting them sink into my bones,
                      weighing on me, desperately begging to be let go.
               c)    I look intently to Mother Nature for any sign there is more to life than stress
                      and concrete jungles.
               d)    All of the above
II.     Why do I constantly reminisce on the past?
               a)    Guilt has sunk into every one of my emotions and I feel like I can’t move on
               b)    The idea of  “you never know what you have until it’s too late” paralyzes me
               c)    “History repeats itself”
               d)    Both A and B
III.    I've spent months consuming the knowledge and beauty that is kombucha. What does
       that really mean?
                 a)    I fixate on finding the good in the most barren of places
                 b)    I don’t believe things are ever black and white
                 c)    I find beauty in the way kombucha can’t “live” without “dying” and sitting for
                        months, just for me to happily consume it in one sitting despite its pungent
                        nature that brings light to the fruity flavors forced into each bottle to make it
                        more appealing
                 d)    Nothing, I look too deeply for connections that don’t exist
IV.     The weight of everything gets too heavy. Chipping pieces of me like Michelangelo to
         Bacchus--without the hope of something beautiful coming from the agonizing
         incisions. Who do I run to?
                a)    My mother, the one whose love for me runs deeper than Bella and Edward’s
                b)    An elementary school friend, the one who saw me through my Twilight phase
                c)    The course pages of my favorite book, the one with water damage and coffee stains
               d)     Me, whoever I am
Cadence Law is a seventeen-year-old student atWoodbridge Senior High School in Northern Virginia. She upholds a lifelong love for poetry and all things literature. When she is not creating or consuming poetry, she is following her passion for community service and the ever-tempting challenge to change the world for the better. She also spends enjoys spending time working at a small business, sharing and gathering knowledge about tea, herbs, and books.  

"Rain drops on my window" by angee09 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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