Glasses of Wine

Grace Iannacone
The stain of this crimson, wretched red Seeps into what I have bled.
I stare onto my darkened hand,
There lie the crystals of former sand. It stretches down my arms
While it stings like a fury-filled God. I look to see what is left and remains
Little demons swim in the newborn stains. This shaded curse drips from broken halos; Bright bones passed by shaking vibratos.
So far from the innocent waves The fountain of mercy and caves. The pleading current of grace,
So far from my baptized face. Fly away, thou little doves,
Oh, how I stained you with false love!
No cross left bare, so assign me the arrow. The sky is joined only by red sparrows.
What once was clear, now spilled wine, The temple of childhood left behind.
2.    “Felicity”
Tears drip into my smile.
This is not a mask, nor a disguising front. This is genuine, euphoric.
I have grown from the bottom rocks of the past century. The memories of our history are not
Burned in the Alexandria Library of my mind. They are simply a whisper in time,
And no longer assault me with daggers of malice.
Once dethroned from Macedonia, I rule my own.
Ravens have flown from my heart,
once filled with Resentment, And lilies rest over our graves.
My shoulders feel light in the freedom of
3.     “A Monday Morning in Amalfi”
distant waves awaken my tired eyes.
the sun gently dances past white curtains.
my lungs inhale the breath of morning skies.
rays twinkle in your curls; you are certain.
holding you in my sight, i know you’re mine.
a miracle, to say the least, we are.
i grow from hearth,from country, and from grime.
you blossom in glory, my love, my star.
i’ll cherish this small moment here in time.
soon the world takes you for glitter and gold.
i steal you away, my beautiful crime,
this secret realm we rest in won’t grow old.
on this monday morning in amalfi,
i know you’ll come back to me, waves to sea.

Hailing from Bucks County, PA, Grace Iannacone is an 18-year-old poet in her senior year of high school. Her poem "Glasses of Wine" is her first published poem, and she is so excited to be sharing her work with the world! Be kind xx

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