For a Boy

Dakota McNally

How I wish I could say these things
The things I love about you
The things that make you perfect,
Crafted to perfection
From the gods above

I want to tell you how I love your personality
Every time I speak to you,
The butterflies that were once contained in my stomach
Are now unhinged,dispersing through my veins

Your laugh is my favorite music piece, one that even Tchaikovsky
Or Chopin
Or Beethoven
Could never contrive in their dreams.

When you smile, you radiate waves of joy,
Never failing to make me smile,
The type of smile that makes my eyes crinkle
and teeth fully exposed.
You remind me of a Renaissance painting
How your brunette hair flops over your eyes,
Those umber eyes that turn gold in the sunlight
Your perfect pink lips that ensnare
My attention every time we talk.

You are one thing I will never understand,
How a mere human can make me feel
So many emotions and fill me
With so much joy.

Joy that I never felt before
Love that I didn't know I possessed
for someone like you,
Someone like me

But these thoughts will remain thoughts.
Phrases in my clustered mind.
These will be the things that remain unspoken,
The things I will never say

Dakota McNally is from Trevose, Pennsylvania, USA. Dakota is an 18-year-old high school senior who is ready to explore the world! Some of Dakota's hobbies include writing, playing the saxophone, painting, sketching, and reading. This poem is about a guy with whom the writer fell in love with. The poet decided to express feelings for him by writing a poem and describing everything the poet loves about him.
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