Two Poems: "Empathy -- A Teacher" and "Another new year" [INDIA]

Sonakshi Sharma
Empathy--A Teacher
Everyday in the school.
With my friends I do talk
In the recess when we are free
All around the school we do walk
But one day things became upside- down
I was sitting all alone
All baffled with deep boredom
And in the sorrow I was drown
By hearing all the screaming around
My ears were trembling in pain
Tried to make myself engaged
But it was all in vain
Then my eyes did fall on that child
Every time, everywhere who is always quiet
Sudden empathy popped in my heart
She needs to be get hugged really tight
After that it totally struck me
How it felt to be drawn apart
Deliberating with your thoughts all time
Must be really hard
Oddness which I felt that day
Did help me make my mind
Taught me to share happiness
Learned the importance of being kind.

Another new year

Another new year
Stepping towards an another year
With some bliss and some tears
Old memories making us cry
This is how the time flies...
Having courage and enthusiasm to muster
To welcome the new year’s rollercoaster
Expecting new year to shine like stars
And healing past ‘s bitter scars
Aspiring this year to hold a victory
And unlocking some enigmatic mystery
May god end everybody’s suffering
All lives get filled with colorful sparkling
Gazing the path of a new ride
Hidden a feeling of triumph behind
Peace may perch on the world again
Wiping out people misery and all the pain
Carrying some perplexity and cheer,
We are stepping toward an another year....

Sonakshi Sharma is a 15-year-old girl residing in New Delhi, India. She lives with her parents and is currently in high school. She has been fond of writing and reading since she was 10 years old . She has great interest in poetry writing, and she likes to do contortion. With all these habits, she also excels in academics. She is a studious kind of person. She loves Indian food and culture and is a diligent follower of it. In the future, she looks forward to become a civil servant and serving her country. She would like her poetry work to be more recognized around the world and carry a hope to achieve something greater.
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