Chicken and the Egg

Melinda Wang


A star cannot be born
Without precedence
As such: the world,
Earth, wind, and sky
Could not be in complete
Harmony without the
Presence of a lovely
Power, seeds born from
Pinecones, pale blue eggs
Born from a small robin,
Large stars, that collapse
Inwards and birth black holes
The universe is blessed in
A perpetual state of creation
Song in the trees, wind in the
Hollows of the earth, bees
Who give the universe a breath
Of life—the question always goes:
“What came first, the chicken or
The egg?”, and wholly, the egg
Will give splendid life to a chicken
But truthfully, eggs don’t need to
Be from chickens themselves
In this universe, all that matters is                                                                  The chicken must show the egg
                                                                                                                                        Enough love to see to it

Melinda Wang is a fifteen-year-oldhigh schooler living in Santa Monica, California. She has beenrecognized by theNational Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and Polyphony Lit forher fiction and creative nonfiction. Her favorite school subject isEnglish and she enjoys writing about the natural world and her livedexperiences, often through fiction and poetry. In her free time, sheenjoys learning how to empower others through words, bird watching,and learning about whales.

"Blue Eggs in Nest Box" by U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Northeast Region is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

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