Catherine Reed
Nostalgia Nashville historic kids. 
Antique vases and marionettes 
Ball gown with flowing flowers 
Of emerald and ivy. 
Stained tee glass
Coffee houses on a rain day 
With red telephone boxes ringing Adeles 
Rolling in the deep. 
Midnight massacres of bloody bourbon 
And drunken sailors coming home 
To cheating wives, 
And children with nine lives. 
Nine lies. 
Heroic Jack played
Hopscotch with the 
Scarf of Isadora Duncans’ death.
The red farm ford of dairy’s milk 
Arrived as the man in overalls 
Bowed to a strange 
Euphoric princess Margaret, 
Her slurred words and a shown 
Bras disgrace. 
Nostalgia of Nashville's movie theaters 
Played the Crown in the background 
Of a historic pandemic 
With time of tea cups 
And patterned velvet curtains 
Of Scotland's castles 
Where history, 
And the cliffs of suicides friend 
Hid in the back of the room. 
The milkman always dropped 
The milk crates off in the back 
Of his cheating wife's house. 
Not the wife, the mistress 
Of disappointment to a royal family. 
Exposed bare in the flesh by 
Nostalgic Nashville's historic kids.
Catherine (Catie) Reed, at the age of seventeen, discovered her love for poetry during the joys of COVID. Cooped up in her apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, Catie began to write in hopes of escaping boredom from her online classes, capturing the impacts of solitude against a blank screen. Outside of her Brookline life Catie spends most of her free time in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, listening to music while watching the waves crash over the rocks.

"milk crate" by Leo Reynolds is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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