Bon Iver

Catherine Reed
Bon Iver breaks me into 
Shattered glass until all that is 
Left is my lifeless soul 
Clinging to speaking tongues.
Tongues that once held a beautiful grin. 
Giggles was my nickname but that’s 
Before I learned what death felt like. 
Before anthropologists apologies flooded 
My unknown brain out of existence. 
Bathroom floors were the best listening spot. 
Foreign hands held my death in place
As the bloody sink water drained. 
Bon Iver understood that skinny love 
Was a battle between body dysmorphia
And the thought of not being able to see 
Crooked ribs in a reflection. 
What was love with a shattered soul? 
Tiles of terracotta mixed with dampened tears stuck to the leg-less feet while they snuck out the door. 
Wait, I’ve said too much. 
Roslyn met St.Louis in the broken playlist 
Because bathrooms were safe 
And sinking floors were normal for 
Ribs and mirrors to lay on. 
Speaking in tongues.
Catherine (Catie) Reed, at the age of seventeen, discovered her love for poetry during the joys of COVID. Cooped up in her apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, Catie began to write in hopes of escaping boredom from her online classes, capturing the impacts of solitude against a blank screen. Outside of her Brookline life, Catie spends most of her free time in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, listening to music while watching the waves crash over the rocks.

"black and white wall" by kenjisama is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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