And speaking of... BRAZILIAN AUTHOR

Iago Freitas

And speaking of… (Saudades)
Despite being unique and exclusive to the Brazilian lexicon, this word is not easy to sense. Much less to desire, or attempt, or ignore.
No matter where it goes or who cares where it's been. Only the individual themself knows the madness that overcomes them when it doesn't fit in their chest, but pulls at their heartstrings, whether they are vagrant or imprudent.
Often it comes accompanied by one more dose, a shot, a cup, a glass, a bossa, stripped mostly of its lyrics, bearing even less novelty.
The single-note Samba is generally out of tune after a tip of unhappiness.
And in the end? I repeat what João Gilberto says
"Enough of…"
Translated by AJF - Instituto Urca.
Translator's note:
Saudade, a word that exists only in the Brazilian language. It refers to longing for or feeling the absence of another, but not only in terms of nostalgia or sadness. Often the feeling of Saudades can be beautiful and joyous.
• The title of the poem refers to a Brazilian Popular Music, specifically a song entitled, Chega de Saudade (Enough of Saudade), by Brazilian composer TomJobim, which can be heard here: Chegade Saudade - João Gilberto - LETRAS.MUS.BR Also performed by: GalCosta, JoãoGilberto, NaraLeão, Olivia Byington.

My name is Iago Freitas, I am 19 years old. I plan to major in music and later to do graduate work in music therapy. I have been working as a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, and popular Brazilian percussion teacher in social projects and schools in the city of Niterói and Rio de Janeiro, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, since I was 16 years old. Art, culture, and literature installed a strong presence in my life when I was very young, influenced by practitioners of capoeira, samba, and journalism in my family. This is why music and writing are a form of refuge and a way to express myself.mI am a person of enormous and extreme intensity. Absolutely everything for me has to be "eight or eighty". I am not a middle ground type. I like to live my experiences energetically and in vivid color. Besides music and writing, my other interests are photography and astronomy. Image created by author.
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