Iago Freitas
The year will end!
However, your tears will continue to fall and you will still yourself offend.
Wars will be fought and still more blood will descend.
People will continue suffering their sorrows, whatever they are, and those who can't stand it any more will off themselves in the end.
"What to do?" Everyone asks. Maybe wait until year's end of the year and sing out "Happy New Year!" and send this year, which every one calls a "son of a #$%@&", back to where it came from again.
No, I don't think this is right. But there are people who still don't know their alphabet. In the middle of the 21st century?! Tell me, what is your greatest fear? To be remembered as one more victim of a lost bullet, or, to go to the street skin darkened with Black culture? In a world where everyone has the right to expose and portend.
And although we have these personal rights, they still point the finger to judge, banalize, and ridicule. And some even try to defend, as absurd as it seems, your right of speech to apprehend.
Yes, the year will end! However, another one begins, and the cycle rebends and our fortune "tolls," and that which seems more routine, is who spends.
A new year for all. Because "Happiness" is one element that is in short supply to be wished for or repented.
I posted this original text on my social media on December 31, 2019. Nearly 3 years have passed, the Pandemic came and went, yet nothing has changed. Everything continues basically the same and living in this world brings increasing hardship. It is a challenge to watch the days pass and to remain in place, stagnated. Happily, I couldn't wait to return to speak so I decided to recite, alert, share and spread the cause that you unfortunately refuse to embrace.

My name is Iago Freitas. I am 19 years old. I plan to major in music and later todo graduate work in music therapy. I have been working as a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, and popular Brazilian percussion teacher in social projects and schools in the city of Niterói and Rio de Janeiro, in the state ofRio de Janeiro, Brazil, since I was 16 years old. Art, culture, and literature installed a strong presence in my life when I was very young, influenced by practitioners of capoeira, samba, and journalism in my family. This is why music and writing are a form of refuge and a way to express myself. I am a person of enormous and extreme intensity. Absolutely everything for me has to be "eight or eighty." I am not a middle ground type. I like to live my experiences energetically and in vivid color. Besides music and writing, my other interests are photography and astronomy. Image created by author.

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