Two Poems: "A Beautiful Gift for All" and "Green as Glass" [INDIA]

Tannushree Jha

Walking alone through the forest,
I tried to feel the bravest.
Thick and dark were the trees,
Howling and cool was the breeze.

From behind a bush jumped out a deer,
Staring at me, it looked with fear.
So thrilled was I to see Bambi in flesh,
Pity it didn't agree, fleeing in a rush.

Then came upon a soft round giant,
Called himself Panda, and was so real quiet.
Munching on bamboos, lying on his back,
He seemed at peace, which we so lack.

Gave him a smile and moved ahead,
Then came a roar which buzzed my head.
Through the woods, its mane I could see, 
The king appeared, and I wanted to flee.

Welcome to my jungle, the king smiled,
We are all guests on this planet, my child.
When you go back, do tell the others,
We all are one and need to be brothers.

The king now my buddy, gave me a ride,
We moved around and met his pride.
I learnt a lot from animals all so cool,
Promised them I shall tell all in school,
The Earth is a beautiful gift for all on it, 
We shall always strive to protect it.

Six Thousand years ago in the land of Mesopotamia,
Man first crafted you with a sense of euphoria.
Known and admired since ancient civilizations,
Dear Glass, you truly are the best of man’s creations.

Made from sand, you are Mother Nature’s friend,
You never harm the Earth - air, water or land.
Like a phoenix, you can rise from a fragment,
Recycling yourself, you are never a pollutant.

You are the friend for our eyes, the windows of our homes,
The jars for our food, the screens on our phones,
The vials for our jabs, the beakers in our class,
Is there a place you aren’t there, dear glass?

You might be inert but you are always eco-friendly,
The preferred choice to replace all that’s deadly.
The world suffers as the harmful plastic gathers mass,
When will all realise that there is none as Green as Glass!

Food and water stored in you, stays fresh and safe with no fear,
When you make up building facades, natural light streams in clear.
You are there in solar power panels and turbines of wind mills,
Dear Glass, you play a major role in ridding the Earth of its ills.

The need of the hour for the world is to be sustainable,
I wonder is there a creation of man that is more capable?
When the question gets asked, Who Is The Greenest Of Them All?
Glass! Glass! Glass! shall be loud clarion call.

Tannushree Jha is a 14-year-old Grade 9 student of Bhal Gurukul School from the state of Maharashtra in India. She lives with her parents, her elder sister and elder brother in the quaint little village of Nevali which is nestled on the foothills of the Malanggad Fort, a hill fort at an elevation of 2500 feet and remnant of the great Maratha Empire. She likes to pen down her thoughts as poems and is passionate about her country, its heritage, the environment and aspires to work towards building a sustainable world for generations to come. She also has keen interest in painting and quizzing.
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