January 15, 2024
Short Fiction Contest
Judge: Maryellen Groot (U.S.A.)
NEW DEADLINE! January 15, 2024, 11:59 PM, EST
Entry fee: None
Eligibility: Teens between the ages of 13-19
$200 for first-place & publication in magazine
$100 for second-place & publication in magazine
$50 for third-place & publication in magazine
All submissions will also be considered for publication.
About the Judge: Maryellen Groot is a writer and educator currently pursuing a Master's in English at Salem State University where she studies creative writing and composition. She holds a joint B.A. in Written Arts and American Studies from Bard College. Her fiction focuses on themes of capitalist alienation, the commodification of the human body and spirit, and the use and abuse of American mythos. Recently, she presented a short story entitled "Felix and the Flying Tiger" at the 2023 Master's in English Regional Conference, which won "Best Essay" and will soon be published in Bridgewater State University's The Graduate Review. She is currently in-progress on a novel re-envisioning the American West and her non-fiction work can be found online at Vox.com. She lives in North Andover with her husband, Bobby.
How to send to the contest: Send one story (under 5,000 words) as a Word attachment or PDF to underthemadnessmagazine.com. Make sure your name DOES NOT APPEAR in the attachment because this contest is judged blindly. Work generated by AI is not eligible. In the subject line of your email, put SHORT FICTION CONTEST ENTRY. In the body of the email, tell us your age and where you reside on planet Earth. Note: submissions lacking this information will be automatically disqualified. Winners will be announced on Instagram by February 15.

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