Interview with Nadia Marchenko

June 1, 2023

Nadia Marchenko is fourteen years old. She likes to write, paint and listen to music.

Tell us what we would see if we could look out your window with you right now.

Quiet streets, not as many people as before.

Describe your home or hometown to readers.

A small city near the forest with both tall buildings  and small county homes.

Where do you write? What time of day do you write? Do you have a particular writing process?

Anywhere and anytime, I don’t have a particular writing process.

How would you define "imagination?"

A way someone channels their imagination into writing, art, music etc.

If you described Ukraine in three words or phrases, what comes to mind?

Mountains, free, beautiful.

How do you feel living through a war has affected your way of writing?

Lost creativity and motivation.

Who is your favorite author?

J. K. Rowling

Besides writing, what are you interested in? (Hobbies, sports, music, etc.)

Painting, photography, traveling and music.

What's a typical day at school overall (aside from writing) like?

Really chaotic, but fun, a poem about colors in an all gray world when I read in school.

Any advice on how to write in a time of difficulty or turmoil? When parts of regular life are falling apart, how do you find the space in your mind and heart to write?

Write about something you like or are thinking about. I usually listen to music to help find something to write about but it’s mostly up to your imagination.

Is writing your main outlet for handling these tough times? Is there anything else you do to cope as an adolescent"under the madness" of the world?

No, not only writing, I painted, sketched a lot, and read books.

How has knowing your work will be published in English affected your writing style?

It hasn’t noticeably affected my writing style, but I do add more creative and unusual twists to my stories.

"New Forest Landscape" by davidgsteadman is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

"Under the Madness lies literature" - Unknown
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