Interview with Brazilian Teen Author Nina Goldfeld

February 4, 2023
Nina Goldfeld is a 16-year-old Brazilian/American, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. She is a junior in her high school EDEM. Nina started writing poetry right before COVID struck in Brazil and hasn't stopped writing in both English and Portuguese. She is also a ballerina and a contortionist, but she loves doing pretty much anything that doesn't involve other people telling her what to do.
Nina, what specifically inspires you to write? Has schooling affected your writing style in any way? Where did you learn English and do you have a preferred language to write in? Is one easier than the other?
I started writing when I was 13 to try it out, and enjoyed doing it, so I never stopped.
Many times, inspiration can come from anything, and many times inspiration strikes me during classes, especially boring ones.
 At 15 years old, I started writing in English as well as Portuguese. I did so because I wanted to try writing in a way that my mom's side of the family could understand, because they live in the USA and don't speak Portuguese.
 I have no preference in what language to write. I usually just go with whatever makes more sense to me at the moment.
If you could describe life in Brazil in three words, which would they be?
Half of me.


Photo © Nina

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