Congratulations to the Finalists and Semi-Finalists of our 2023 National Poetry Competition

May 31, 2023
Under the Madness Magazine is pleased to announce the incredible finalists and semi-finalists of its 2023 National Poetry Month competition!
We received hundreds of submissions from teens around the world. It was such an honor and a pleasure to consider this body of work.
Abdullah Adeokun (Nigeria)
Lucille Elliot (Virginia, USA)
Yahaya Jamila (Nigeria)
Yessie Perez (Florida, USA)
Ethan Quach (Massachusetts, USA)
Mya Richardson (Alabama, USA)
Samuel Samba (Nigeria)

Ekta Adhikari (Nepal)
Ananya Ahuia (India)
Aaliyah Anderson (Virginia, USA)
Adedokunibrahim Anwar (Nigeria)
Alani (California, USA)
Jessica Bakar, (California, USA)
Claire Beeli (California, USA)
Max Bell (Virginia, USA)
Siha Bhasin (India)
Alison Chang (Maryland, USA)
Noah Chiles (Virginia, USA)
Erina Chowdhury (New York, USA)
Kushagra Krishna Deo (India)
Dora (Brazil)
Dylan Furbay (Maryland, USA)
Hrishikesh Goswami (India)
Nam Gyel (Bhutan)
Sydney Hulen (Oklahoma, USA)
Saraah Hussein (Qatar)
Ayesha Idrishi (India)
Irene Kelley (North Carolina, USA)
Aria Knepler-Pearl (Pennsylvania, USA)
Erica J (New York, USA)
Sadie Jackson (Rhode Island, USA)
Cosmo Jarboe (Kansas, USA)
Tannushree Jha (India)
Ayiyi Joel (Nigeria)
Frederick Jones (Washington, D.C., USA)
Nithilan KM (India)
Cadence Law (Virginia, USA)
Kyo Lee (Canada)
Zoe Lee (Virginia, USA)
Anna Lim (Washington, D.C., USA)
Allison Liu (Massachusetts, USA)
Joanna Liu (Massachusetts, USA)
Veronica Ma (New Jersey, USA)
Emma Maynard (Utah, USA)
Madison Moscrip (Texas, USA)
Faith Nwude (Jamaica and Georgia, USA)
Shekina Oh (Philippines)
Desiree Okonkwo (New Jersey, USA)
Paige Ordway (New Hampshire, USA)
Oria (Domincan Republic)
Poorna Prakash (Virginia, USA)
Eren Purvis (England)
Karnav Rastogi (India)
Razlin (Indiana, USA)
Izzy Rogers (Colorado, USA)
Lulu Salvaterra (California,  USA)
Joseph Sati (Nigeria)
Ellis Schroeder (Georgia, USA)
Amani Schroff (California, USA)
Hera Schulyer (Louisiana, USA)
Trust Shoko (Zimbabwe)
Lydia Siebert (Missouri, USA)
Tanya Sun (California, USA)
Meghan Thomas (England)
Will Todd (New York, USA)
Sinai Tsagli (Germany)
Avril Shakira Villar (Philippines)
Elliot W. (New York, USA)
Tyler Wang (Arizona, USA)
Alexis Washington (Virginia, USA)
Hannah Wilson (Florida, USA)
Alice Xie (California, USA)
Allison Xu (Maryland, USA)
Gina Yang (Massachusetts, USA)
Sophia Zhang (California, USA)
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO SENT THEIR POEMS. The world of writers is so much brighter and so much less "mad" with you in it! -The Editors

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"Under the Madness lies literature" - Unknown
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